Warp and Woof of My Being

From “The Fair Portrait of a Saint” by Charles Spurgeon

Do you treasure up what God has spoken?  Do you study the Word?  Do you read it?  Oh, how little do we search it compared with what we ought to do.  Do you meditate on it?  Do you suck out its secret sweets?  Do you store up its essence as bees gather the life-blood of flowers and hoard up their honey for winter food?  Bible study is the metal that makes a Christian.  This is the strong meat on which holy men are nourished.  This is that which makes the bone and sinew of men who keep God’s way in defiance of every adversary.  God spoke to Job and Job treasured up His words. 

When I was first saved 17 years ago, I really didn’t feel inspired to study the Bible.  I read it through like a story once, but I had no idea where to start to really absorb it.  Participation in Bible study groups initially was not inspiring, because I felt like I had no idea how to respond to the questions that were posed.  Most in the groups had been believers for much longer than me, and I felt overwhelmed.  I started studying with my children and found that learning together was the best way for me to start.  When I tried to explain something in response to their questions, I realized that I had to understand the answers myself first.  Although studying the Bible seemed like an enormous undertaking, we started one verse at a time, learning together, but not yet treasuring it to the depths that God desires.

Trials have a curious way of driving a person to seek God’s comfort and guidance.  When all is going well, we tend to get busy with activities of daily living and think that we don’t need any help.  This is one reason that God allows trials – to help us remember our dependence on Him.  Paul acknowledged this on his missionary journeys when he said, “… indeed, we had the sentence of death within ourselves so that we would not trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead” (2 Cor. 1:9).  During my trials, I have learned to not only seek to understand what I’m reading in the Bible, but also to apply it, finding joy and peace in obedience to God’s guidance.

The more difficult the trial, the more dependent I realize I am.  While I don’t enjoy pain and suffering, I can say that afflictions have caused me to develop a deeper commitment to Bible study.  Searching for help, I have found such treasures that it isn’t even a struggle for me to make time for study anymore; God speaks to me when I do.  I crave THIS every day.

From “The Fair Portrait of a Saint” by Charles Spurgeon

Job lived on God’s Word… blessed is he that makes it his meat and drink.   He takes the Word of God to be what is, namely, a word from the mouth of the Eternal and he says, “God is speaking to me in this and I will satisfy my soul upon it.  I do not need anything better than this, anything truer than this, anything safer than this, but having got this, it shall abide in me, in my heart, in the very bowels of my life.  It shall be interwoven with the warp and woof of my being.”

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be satisfied.
Matthew 5:6

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