God’s Will

As I approach the empty nest stage of life, I am wondering what I will be doing over the next few years. I had originally thought that I would return to the workplace in order to help with the expense involved with having multiple children in college at the same time. However, my physical disabilities greatly limit my employment possibilities. Cooking will occupy much of my time; maintaining a particular diet is essential for more than one family member. Bible study is core every day. I will serve within church ministries as I am able. I look forward to all of these things, but it seems that there is something I’m missing, and I don’t know what it is. What is God’s will for me?

The title of this book by John MacArthur caught my eye. At 75 pages, this book is a quick read. Sometimes I like a long book, but in this case, I really appreciated the author’s “get to the point” approach. In one evening, I was able to quickly focus my thoughts which had been going in many directions.

MacArthur presents six principles to consider when trying to assess God’s will for your life. While none of the first five principles were new to me, I had never gathered them all together in my mind. These five principles are based on the core message of the gospel rather than on a quick-fix “5 steps to the better you” method frequently presented by secular authors. The final step is a pleasant surprise which I won’t spoil by posting it here. An important note, though, is that success of the sixth principle hinges upon faithfulness to the first five.

Far more effective than the “open door/closed door” philosophy that leaves the seeker repetitively guessing, the principles outlined in this book are commands from God as given in Scripture. What better way is there to know His will than from His very Word?

This short book has the potential to help budding Christians understand what a life devoted to Christ is like. At the same time, a seasoned believer will find direction at those times in life when she finds herself wondering what her purpose is.

2 thoughts on “God’s Will

  1. Thank you for introducing and sharing this book. I like John MacArthur as well as other Reformed authors. I will check out this book. My son will go off to college very soon, so I must think and pray for what will be the next chapter of my life.

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