For a long time, my prayers have all started, “Oh, Lord.” I have learned to be so thankful for God’s sovereignty that the cry of my heart is for Him to rule my life. As a loving King, he has taught me what submission truly means. This is pleasing to Him, but I have recently felt convicted that there is another way to address Him, a word that acknowledges another aspect of our relationship.

When I was first saved, I was in the midst of a tremendously chaotic time of my life, feeling hurt and abandoned. I desired to climb into a parent’s lap, like a child, crying for this person who was bigger than me to guide and comfort me. God reached out with grace, pulling me into His loving arms, guiding me into His gift of salvation…adopting me.

I remembered this thought when I recently suffered a bout of insomnia and pain. As I lay curled in my bed, I imagined God holding me in His lap and soothing me. This picture in my mind was an unspoken prayer to my Father.

When Jesus’ disciples asked Him how to pray, he instructed them to begin with the word “Father” (Matt. 6:9, Luke 11:2). He demonstrated this in His own Gethsemane prayer for the cup to pass from Him if it was the Father’s will (Matt. 26:39). In addition, His plea from the cross for the salvation of those who didn’t know what they were doing to Him was addressed to His Father (Luke 23:34). My desire is to follow Jesus’ example, coming to God as my Father in prayer.

From “The First Cry From the Cross” by Charles Spurgeon

Observe further that our Lord, in the prayer before us, remains in the vigor of faith as to His Sonship. The extreme trial to which He now submitted Himself could not prevent His holding fast His Sonship; His prayer begins, “Father.” It was not without meaning that He taught us when we pray to say “Our Father,” for our prevalence in prayer will much depend upon our confidence in our relationship to God.

While I am still thankful that God is sovereign and value His Lordship in my life, I more deeply treasure the fact that He is my Father. After all, my salvation is not due to being an obedient servant to a Lord; it is entirely due to the grace of the Father.

For by grace you have been saved though faith; and not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.  
Ephesians 2:8-9

3 thoughts on “Father

  1. We have such a privilege to call the Lord of lords and the King of kings, the great I Am our Father! If you want to check out my archives I wrote a blog, Golden Bowls, concerning the Lord’s Prayer. Another thing that helped me in praying to the Father, was a book on praying the Lord’s Prayer by Kay Arthur.

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