Prepare Your Mind, Keep Sober in Spirit, and Fix Your Hope

Over the last couple of years, it became apparent that my health was suffering significantly each time I would leave my house to go anywhere. The resulting illness that lasted for several days was a strong motivator to simply stay home instead of participate in my previous activities. As my world gradually grew smaller, I thought it would become easier to keep my mind on things above (Colossians 3:2). I thought there would be fewer sinful distractions. How wrong I was.

The battle for right thinking is hard – sometimes, it is very hard. Isolation at home does not prevent worldly temptations from being a struggle. Although I am not around some of the same influences as those who leave their houses to interact with people face to face, see items to covet and purchase at stores, and witness first-hand much of the violence and destruction in the world, I still have to battle my own mind which will not be perfected until heaven. Peter explains the means to success in this spiritual battle…

Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.
1 Peter 1:13

I “prepare my mind” when I know and hold fast to what I believe. I wrap biblical truths around me firmly as a person wearing flowing garments girds himself when he needs to be able to take action.

Therefore, dear friends, do not be lax in your belief, but believe what you believe. Hold what you hold and know what you know. Do you ask, “How can that be?” Well, by being taught of God, for God teaches infallible truth. What a man teaches himself, or learns from his fellow men, may all have to be laid aside, for it is liable to be erroneous. But that which God the Holy Spirit burns into his heart and conscience, as with a hot iron, shall never be taken from him! You may kill him, but you will not take the truth of God from him. You may cut him in pieces, but the man is so joined to the truth that he cannot be separated from it. “Therefore gird up the loins of your mind.” Get your mental straps tightened up. Bind the blessed truth of the gospel more closely than ever to your soul!
Charles Spurgeon from “Girded for the Work

I “keep sober in spirit” when I clear my mind of the world’s allurements that would distract me from the gospel, my priority. This requires self-control which comes as a fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Without the distractions, my mind is more alert to faulty ideas and able to distinguish truth from error.

Finally, no matter how much pain I am in or how lonely I feel, I have to “fix my hope” on Christ alone. I don’t remember to do this every moment, but God is teaching me. I have learned to appreciate my salvation more and more each day as I find that I cannot completely count on anything else. He is always available for prayer. He is always interceding on my behalf at the Father’s throne. He is always preparing for me a special place in heaven, a place that gives me hope. His love holds me and draws my attention to things above, producing joy and right thinking. He is the source of success in the battle for my mind.

Sit down and meditate much upon the love of God to you—the eternal love, the boundless love, the love that chose you, the love that bought you, the love that sought you, the love that fought for you, the love that has worked in you all the good things there are in you! And, as you meditate upon that wondrous love of God, His Holy Spirit will work upon you. You will feel your heart beginning to thaw and the streams commencing to flow as the brooks do in the springtime when the icy grasp of winter has been relaxed. Therefore, give your heart up to such meditations as are likely to stir your spirit and to change its sad condition.
Charles Spurgeon from “Girded for the Work

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