Learning to Be Content

Do you find yourself thinking, “If only things were different”?

We have all felt it – that unsettling desire for something more, something better, something different. Whether it is a new job, better health, a happy marriage, or the honor and respect of our children, unfulfilled desires draw our attention and tempt us to crave their satisfaction. Will we complain, worry, and grow bitter about the circumstances of our lives that refuse to resolve to our liking? Will we question God’s wisdom, power, and love?

This has been the subject of my study, prayer, and meditation the past few years as I’ve attempted to learn to be content in difficult circumstances. Paul claims that God strengthens him to do all things, and he is content is all circumstances (Phil. 4:11-13). Explore the attributes of God with me in my new book, “Learning to Be Content,” and see how this is possible.

We can learn to abide in the One who has overcome the current world and have peace in any circumstance. Complete with questions for further study and reflection, this book is ideal for individual or group study.

Available as a paperback now and on Kindle when my health allows. Customer reviews on Amazon are welcome and appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Learning to Be Content

    • I haven’t read this new book yet but I will suggest it knowing Kim is a great writer- easy to understand and sympathize with. We are all broken. Thank you for using your time wisely- to glorify God. He is working in your life. I need to finish the last 4th of your first book still. I am looking forward to reading this book. Thank you Kim!

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      • I’m so glad this writing is helpful! I’m hoping to post more frequently here now that I’m done with the book. I hope it continues to be a blessing❤️


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