Be Safe

As I prepared to end the phone call, the salesperson said, “Be safe.” I thought this was odd since I hadn’t heard this phrase used in impersonal conversations. However, it is now common to my daily life, including the plethora of emails I receive each day that close with “Be safe.” I find myself wondering what each person is actually suggesting I do to be safe.

Given the current situation with this virus and the mandates to stay home, my assumption is that most people mean that I should do whatever I have to do to keep from dying. However, if I stay within my home to avoid a virus, someone else from my family may bring it home from the grocery store anyway. I might fall down the stairs in my home and die from my injuries. I could retreat to my bed, wrap myself in pillows, and never come out, but then I could die from starvation, suffocation, or a multitude of other problems resulting from lack of movement.

Some may say “Be safe” with true concern for my welfare; others may say it simply because it is the “thing to say” right now. Either way, my impression is that most have not thought through what they actually mean when they say it. Furthermore, attempts to save our lives on this earth will eventually be unsuccessful. We should be good stewards of the bodies God has given us and not treat them recklessly, but all will die someday. As humans, we are not capable of doing enough to prevent this from happening at some point. Given this fact, how can we “be safe”?

The answer is to “be saved.” Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins. He rose from death and is reigning at the right hand of His Father, advocating for anyone who trusts in Him for salvation. This means that whether we live or die, we are “safe.” We have God as our Father which gives us hope in this life and a home with Him in heaven. This is more powerful than anything we can do for our safety; being saved is the way to be safe. For believers, death has lost its sting.

When we gaze upon the risen Christ and see Him reigning at the right hand of God for us, we can be like Stephen, peacefully trusting in the finished work of Jesus rather than in ourselves (Acts 7:55-56). Christ remains unconquered regardless of our circumstances. He has risen and awaits the arrival of those God will bring to be with Him forever (1 Thess. 4:14, 17). Grace that is available only through faith in Christ is our source of hope.
From “Learning to Be Content

Question for Reflection selected from “Learning to Be Content”:

If you lost everything else, would you be content knowing that it is well with your soul? Why or why not?

7 thoughts on “Be Safe

  1. Hallelujah!!!
    What a wonderful message of hope, Kim. This is such a great perspective. We are safe only via being saved through Christ. We do not live our lives as though this is it, we live our lives knowing we are heading to a place not made by human hands. We are not living in fear of Rona or even death itself, we are living to enter our Father’s Paradise. Be ye saved! 🙏🏽

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    • Some of my thoughts are loosely based on Romans 14:8, Psalm 73:26, and other verses. I should have included them in my post to give credit where it is due. Praise be to God.

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