Made for Another World

The mother rabbit stared at me, blades of grass extending from both sides of her mouth, as she waited to place the final covering over the nest she had recently made for her newborns. Confident that it was safe to proceed, she gently worked to secure her babies into the bed of her own fur. My heart soared as I watched this tender act of love.

I yearned for more. More love. More tenderness. More giving. Perhaps, it is my own physical affliction that desired something beautiful to continue as a pleasant distraction. Perhaps, it is my awareness of pain in the world, as a virus spreads, justice is perverted, and nations clash. I wanted to stay in this small bubble of peacefulness.

My yearnings seemed to be satisfied when I saw the mother return to nurse the next day. I watched as she nuzzled each baby before patting the coverings over the nest to tuck everyone in until she returned again. I drifted to sleep that night with satisfying thoughts of seeing her each day as she tenderly raised her babies and taught them to play among my flowers.

My sense of satisfaction was short-lived with the return of another the next morning; the sleek, skinny cat who roams the neighborhood appeared after a brief absence. Usually, I see him slinking through our backyard, eyes alert, prowling for something to devour. This day, he calmly walked to my back porch…satisfied.

Through tears, I asked myself, “Why does nothing seem to work out? Why do I keep seeing destruction and being in angst over it? Why does the hungry cat of this world bother me so much? Why can I not be satisfied with the way things are?”

C. S. Lewis’ thoughts must have been similar as he wrote the following:

If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.

The yearning I have for love and peace to last forever is there because God put it in my heart (Ecc. 3:11). He wants me to desire the things of heaven. Pain and tears will be gone (Rev. 21:4)! God will dwell among us and fix all that is currently broken. Isn’t this what we all really want?

Complete satisfaction will not happen until heaven. Therefore, life, health, friendships, financial security, and social stability are blessings to hold loosely in this world. Those who trust Jesus’ death on the cross as payment for their sins can keep their eyes focused on Jesus rather than the wind of this world. They can know that eternal satisfaction is coming; heaven is the desire of their hearts.



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