My Escape

Night and day.
Night and day.
The pain never ceases.
Grinding, aching, stabbing, throbbing.
My body is not yet redeemed.

Physical intensified by emotional.
Willing companions of a sufferer are few.
Instead of heart fondness, absence grows mind forgetfulness.
Forgotten, my broken heart bleeds.
Eyes on the wind, there is no escape.

His lips say, “Come to Me. I will give you rest.”
His eyes welcome. His hand reaches. His arms embrace.
My tears stop falling. My body relaxes. My broken heart heals.
I’m not forgotten. I’m in His book of life.
My Faithful Friend and Savior brings me home.

A wedding feast with many companions.
Smiling, dancing, jumping, skipping.
Jesus is here! The pain is gone! The tears are done!
All that was broken is broken no more.
Sin was the cause, its removal the answer.

My time is not yet,
But until that day comes,
My mind’s eye can imagine.
Salvation, the only possession I cannot lose.
Eyes on Jesus, my escape.



4 thoughts on “My Escape

  1. I’ve been there the past couple of weeks too. No matter what else I can’t do, I can use my imagination to picture myself with Jesus, pain and tear free. The words to this poem came to me in the middle of such a night. I didn’t get any sleep, but I was comforted. ❤️

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