Be Safe

As I prepared to end the phone call, the salesperson said, “Be safe.” I thought this was odd since I hadn’t heard this phrase used in impersonal conversations. However, it is now common to my daily life, including the plethora of emails I receive each day that close with “Be safe.” I find myself wondering what each person is actually suggesting I do to be safe.Read More »

Concerning Death

All quotes are from “Concerning Death” by Charles Spurgeon

What are the times when men are able to speak of death quietly and happily?  Sometimes they do so in periods of great bodily suffering.  I have on several occasions felt everything like fear of dying taken from me simply by the process of weariness, for I could not wish to lie any longer in such pain as I then endured, and I have no doubt that such an experience is common among sufferers from acute disorders.  The sons and daughters of affliction are not only trained to await the Lord’s will, but they are even driven to desire to depart; they would sooner rest from so stern a struggle than continue the fierce conflict.  It is well that pain and anguish should cut the ropes which moor us to these earthly shores that we may spread our sails for a voyage to the Better Land.  Oh, what a place heaven must be to those whose bones have worn through their skin through long lying upon the bed of anguish!

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These Are Written

I have cried my way through this video so many times. The message. The music and lyrics. The artwork. Wow! Although I don’t have cancer as the character in the video does, I can relate to the losses and fears that come with physical illness and disability.

This video starts by pointing out that Jesus comes to us while we are dirty and supposedly beyond the reach of Someone so perfect. However, in His love, Jesus ate with sinners and washed the dirty feet of the disciples after they had walked dusty roads. He had mercy on the Read More »