Let Him Hear

As He prepared to tell a series of parables, Jesus said to His listeners, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (Luke 14:35). When I reflect on this, I think of the love He was showing. He wanted people to draw near, because He wanted to teach them something. God cares that we understand what He has to say to us.

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Yet I Will Exult in the Lord

In an excellent message on “Christ and No More,” Pastor Bryce Beale discusses the hope believers should have in Christ. Beale explains that a trial essentially is the “death of a dream” designed to test how much hope I have in Christ. My dreams are not necessarily sinful, but they can become sinful if I want what I want so much that my joy comes from my dreams rather than from Christ. God is “too kind to let any of his people continue on in a delusional joy, one rooted not in Christ but in something else” (Beale). My joy (or lack of it) upon the removal of these temporal dreams shows me where I am turning for my hope. After studying Beale’s message this morning, I found myself reflecting on the following words of Habakkuk:Read More »

Warp and Woof of My Being

From “The Fair Portrait of a Saint” by Charles Spurgeon

Do you treasure up what God has spoken?  Do you study the Word?  Do you read it?  Oh, how little do we search it compared with what we ought to do.  Do you meditate on it?  Do you suck out its secret sweets?  Do you store up its essence as bees gather the life-blood of flowers and hoard up their honey for winter food?  Bible study is the metal that makes a Christian.  This is the strong meat on which holy men are nourished.  This is that which makes the bone and sinew of men who keep God’s way in defiance of every adversary.  God spoke to Job and Job treasured up His words. 

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The Purpose of this Blog

…Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.
Mark 16:15

Oh, how I want to do that!  But, how do I?

Over the years, my understanding of the gift of salvation that I received from Christ has grown.  It started as acceptance of the fact that I am a sinner in need of a savior, and that Jesus is the only one capable of being the sacrifice to pay for my sins.  The relief I felt when I first accepted this at the age of 34 was tremendous.  However, I have gradually come to understand how He is enough for me on a daily basis as I have experienced many losses over the years.

Most recently, physical disabilities have drastically reduced my contact with people since I am mostly homebound.  A year ago, I had started training to be a Biblical counselor, but I have found that I can’t commit to be physically present for a person.  I am extremely sensitive to perfumes and fragrances from laundry detergents, dryer sheets, makeup, shampoo, etc. which cause me to be sick with vertigo and migraines for several days following exposure.

Around the time that I realized what was making me so sick, I suddenly had a desire to write a book.  The words just poured out of me even though writing had never been a strong ability of mine.  All of what I had learned from several years of being sick with vertigo, migraines, and insomnia was there…on paper…and it felt so good to think that someone else might benefit by seeing how God had been faithful to me through it all.  He has taught me so much through trials, and I wanted to comfort someone else as I had been comforted (2 Corinthians 1:4). Attempts to get this book published have been challenging, causing me to wonder if there might be a different way for me to fulfill my part of the Great Commission.

My desire is to share with you, my friend and reader, what I am learning as I study the Bible.  When I was first saved, I found it difficult to be excited about study; maybe, I didn’t know where to start, but start I did.  I have found such treasures as I have dug deeper and deeper. Sometimes, I even find diamonds where I only saw pearls the first time around.  Sermons from people like Charles Spurgeon spark deep thoughts about what I read in Scripture, and I’m so eager to share these with someone.  What a blessing it is to have technology to help with this commission; I pray that something I share will be an encouragement to you as I attempt to point you to the True Treasure.