Long-Suffering (post 3 of 3)

At times in my life, I have found myself angry or bitter, but seemingly unable to figure out how to “not be angry.” It just doesn’t seem to be as easy as that. However, at the conclusion of my reading of Jonathan Edwards’ message, “Charity Disposes Us Meekly to Bear the Injuries Received from Others,” I found that I was no longer angry about a situation with a doctor, and I was glad.

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Where He Put Me

I had collapsed on the couch very early one morning after a night of writhing in bed with the pain and nausea of a migraine. My left arm was strapped to my body due to a broken shoulder that would take many weeks to heal. This confinement increased the difficulty of trying to nurse my throbbing head with minimally effective comforts.

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Hard Lessons

Block quotes are from “Contentment” by Charles Spurgeon

“I know how to abound.” There are a great many men, who know a little about how to be abased, who do not know at all how to abound! When they are put down into the pit with Joseph, they look up and see the starry promise, and they hope for an escape; but when they are put on the top of a pinnacle, their heads grow dizzy, and they are ready to fall!

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The Lord Was with Joseph

From “A Miniature Portrait of Joseph” by Charles Spurgeon

The truly godly man is ready for anything – he does not sigh for place, but accepts the state in which he is found – and does good it in, for the Lord’s sake. The Lord was with Joseph, none the less, when he was cast into the prison.  Joseph knew God was with him in prison, and therefore he did not sit down sullenly in his sorrow, but he bestirred himself to make the best of the afflicted condition.

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